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Other Online Lottery Games

There are more games to play lotto online than you might think, and they all give you a whole lot of options while you’re at it. It’s all about which games you want to play and which ones are going to give you the biggest chance at a jackpot.

Biggest Prizes Worldwide

GG World Lottery – This global lottery game is the first of its kind and has huge prizes to offer. There are 13 different ways that you can win and the jackpot prize is $100,000,000. Who doesn’t want to have a share of that?

SuperEnalotto – This game comes to us from Italy and it’s super simple to play. You also have a chance at some pretty good prizes from this game.

Powerball – The Powerball is one game that definitely gets high prizes and jackpots. If you’re interested in winning big this is probably the way to go, though you’ll have to keep an eye on the jackpot number to make sure you’re getting in good.

Mega Millions – This is another one like the Powerball where the winning jackpot can be quite large, but it starts out a little small compared to what you can win in other games. Keep an eye on that jackpot and then see just what you could win.

Best Jackpot Odds Worldwide

El Gordo – Odds to win the jackpot for this game are 1:31,625,100, which seems like pretty long odds until you look at some of the other games.
Australia Powerball – This game has odds on the jackpot of 1:76,767,600, and it’s the second-best chance of winning.
EuroJackpot – Here you’ll see odds of 1:95,344,200, so the numbers are definitely getting a whole lot larger, fast.
Spain La Primitiva – Next we jump into the triple digits with odds on the jackpot of 1:139,838,160.
EuroMillions – The EuroMillions actually comes in right at the same odds as La Primitiva, at 1:139,838,160.
US Powerball – In the US, the games get consecutively worse with odds on the Powerball of 1:292,201,338.
US Mega Millions – The Mega Millions has even lower odds at 1:302,575,350.

If you’re looking to play some of the biggest games it depends on whether you want the largest jackpots or you’re looking for the best odds, because the numbers are likely not in your favor. Though the odds are pretty long for any game. You just have to trust that they’re going to work out for you.